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Elise Clark (left) and Gretchen Sand
Elise Clark (left) and Jodi Maile (right),
Gretchen Sand (bottom)

Our founders, Elise Clark and Gretchen Sand , possess more than 20 years of experience in recruiting for global high technology enterprises. Elise Clark is Senior Partner and Gretchen Sand, previous Senior Partner, is currently acting as an Advisor. In 2021, Skyline Recruiting added Jodi Maile to the team as a Technical Recruiter.

Both hiring managers and employees have been well-served by our focus on getting it right the first time. We enjoy making a difference in the careers of the people for whom we find employment and the managers who benefit from the professionals we represent. Our work is rewarding because of the success we create for others.

We have an understanding of a broad range of industries and the full range of professions across the value chain of the enterprise. We've helped Executives and Managers staff every level and function of their organization—from executives and directors to professionals in product management and marketing, business development and sales, hardware and software engineers, testers, and writers key to product development success. Please contact us to discuss your particular hiring needs.

Skyline Recruiting Corporation is a women-owned business.

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